What's Your Black Friday Tradition?

Every year my husband and I have this conversation. You are getting up when to go where?  That's him trying to convince me not to go shopping on Black Friday. I have missed only a few years EVER and I am not going to miss this year. I don't go crazy, I just like to snag a few good deals. My secret? I am not shopping for everyone on my list, maybe just a handful and I am mostly keeping an eye out for great deals for housewares and entertaining. That might be a really crazy reason to get up before the sun, but when you add your family and bond over coffee, it is so worth it.


Another trick of mine is that I always go early early or late depending on the venue. This is before most of the stores are open at the mall or later in the morning for shops like Target. The key is to beat the crowds. We usually hit up both, Target always being on the itinerary. We hit the mall and are done by the time the crowds start to trickle in and then end up hitting Target after the crowds have left. I also don't shop the big big discount Black Friday deal aisles, and avoid the crowds. I am always calm and relaxed because I have already mapped out my gift ideas. If I can score a great deal on something, like slippers or a sweater, and mark something off my list - great. If I can't, that's ok too. Being able to accept that your aren't going to be able to finish your list in one day, let alone the craziest day of the year is the key to shopping tranquility. I am not in a hurry, I just want to shop for some amazing deals.

Another wonderful thing about getting up so early? I am usually home by 10am, which on a typical weekend, I am still in my pjs, with the whole day still ahead of me.

What are your Black Friday traditions? Do you go out, do you make a plan or list of what you need where? Do you just avoid the whole situation all together?


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