Stay Wild: Style Your Blog Office with FLOR

As you might be aware of, I love a great celebration. As much as I love a good garland or a fun party dress, I need my house to give me that same joy and blissful feeling. This is so important in my office, where I tend to do the less exciting part of my job, the dreaded desk work aka the bland side of blogging. I recently moved a few things around in my office to increase my productivity and it needed something extra. I’m one of those people that works best when my surroundings are inspiring. Cute quirky accessories and pops of bright colors are always present in my office. Also present are two adorable short people, aka my boys and a heck of a lot of craft supplies. I create, craft and write my blog all in the same space. It was important for it to be practical and beautiful. When I added FLOR tiles to my dining area, I was thoroughly in love with the versatility and the quality of the carpeting. Durable and pretty? How is that possible? And anyone who follows me on Instagram, knows I never met a leopard print I didn’t like. When FLOR released its new spring designs and leopard was one of them, I knew I had to have it. It’s a neutral and since there is so much color that I work with on a daily basis, I needed something that went with everything. Spot On, a new design in the large assortment  of rugs available from FLOR is the perfection.

leopard print rug in blog office.JPG
leopard rug disco ball.JPG

Here is what I had before. I love the black and white striped rug, but the size wasn’t right for the space now that I had rearranged my furniture in the office area. It was an extra rug we had laying around and it was okay, but just off. I think it will be perfect for the boy’s room, I always love to repurpose décor in a different room, to shake things up a bit.  The length of the striped rug was good but I needed something wider to fill the space under my feet and desk. Anyone who has shopped for carpeting knows that it is hard to find a good rug for a room that is anything but standard sized.  This room is the other end of my dining room. A long rectangular space that is just awkward to work with.

before office.JPG
office decor needs rug.JPG

Once I removed the rug, the space was empty. The key to defining a work space in your home, especially if you don’t have a separate room with a door, which is typical for bloggers, is easiest through furniture placement and floor coverings. Something visual that segments the space from the rest of the house can take an open floorplan and break it into smaller easier to style areas. As much as I love open rooms in homes, I still need my spaces to be defined; every area has a purpose and every surface has a use.

That’s where FLOR comes in. They are exactly what you need for customizing a fit to any size room. I was able to order the same length as my old rug but also order it slightly wider to fit my space perfectly.

Installation was a breeze. Honestly it was almost harder to take out the old rug than it was to get the FLOR tiles in. I did it by myself and the tiles allowed me to insert one under a heavy foot at a time. Once I aligned the tile with my farthest corner, I just kept adding. In minutes I had an entirely new feel for the office.  I also added extra seating and a few pieces of art to make the corner feel more like a room.

update blog office with things you love.JPG

A little wild and a little chic, not to mention a killer backdrop for any Instagram shots I need to take. Also, as a photographer and stylist, having FLOR rugs that I can just pop out of one room and into another for a shoot, is practically perfect.  But as a mom that makes as many messes as her kids, being able to have a rug that is so chic and virtually accident proof, is heaven defined. Expect to see a lot of leopard in my feed. Mucho leopard. Could anything be more Spot On?

add art behind computer screen.JPG
leopard print rug in blog office.JPG

Need to update your office? Or anywhere that needs a little leopard or more? Have you seen the wide variety of rugs FLOR carries? Fit a hallway or a loft; tiny, huge or somewhere in between, with FLOR absolutely anything is possible.  FLOR is having their Spring Sale from March 3rd to March 25th. Shop now for 25% off and snag a coupon for $25 off your next purchase if you spend $250+.

This post was sponsored by FLOR. All opinions are mine.