Refresh Your Home in the New Year

It's important to stay in love with your home. If you find you are not, start switching stuff around, a lamp from the living room into the bedroom, swapping out rugs and pillows and adding new art. All of these are great ways to liven up a home that is starting to feel a little blah. The fastest way to change up your home is to add something new or a pop of color. Pop on over to see this month's Houzz Ideabook to see what items I'm currently coveting. I'll give you a hint, soothing greens, pops of pinks and a little bit of quirk. What's amazing is that no matter what I am always drawn to the same things, but there is always an update. The hues are never the same and the patterns are always melting into something new. It still feels like me, but fresher, and isn't that what we need to start off the new year right?

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