Party Animals Cupcake Topper DIY Kit: Easter Bunny

I can't get enough of these little golden animals and apparently neither can the internet. Why not make bunnies for Easter this year? I just collaborated with Darby Smart to create an easy kit for Easter. All you do is buy the kit and they send everything out to you so you can make them in your own home. It's like DIY concierge service, buy it make it. Darby Smart has done all of the finding for you, you won't need to step foot in a craft store, at least for these cute as a bunny toppers. I love cupcake toppers and I can't wait to see what desserts you use these springtime animals for. To make them is easy, check out  the DIY below.

gold party animal candle holders birthday easter.JPG

You will need: This kit from Darby Smart. Order in sets of 12, 24 or 36 for class parties or large family brunches.

Step 1: Use the awl to poke a hole in the top center of each bunny. You will need to press hard and make the hole wide enough for the candle holder stem. Some bunnies I went all the way through.

Step 2: Insert candle holder.

Step 3: Take outside and spray paint bunnies with two or more light coats. Be sure to let dry after each coat and get the paint from all angles (especially under the candle holder)

Step 4: Let dry.

Step 5: Insert birthday candle and pop on a cupcake, pancake, pie, whatever and then party.

I love these little guys so hopping much. No plastic animal is safe at my house and my kids have a collection. Start your own golden menagerie by snagging the fabulous kit, with everything you need in it HERE.

I partnered with Darby Smart and receive a commission on each sale. Every little bit helps with craft supplies and I love my sponsors. All opinions are mine.

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