Oh Joy at Target

Spring is just around the corner and I am giddy with excitement. The sun keeps peeking out, the flowers are starting to bloom and it's just about time to run outside and have some picnics. Okay, it's a smidge cold in Seattle still, but who cares, I will party anyway. The rain has never stopped me before. So I will put on some Astrid Gilberto make a Mai Tai and have a party inside if I have to.  It's going to be super simple with the bright new party decorations and table ware from Joy Cho, of Oh Joy! The Oh Joy line is now at Target! If you have been anywhere on Pinterest you saw it coming and well, I'm a party decor aficionado and I am going to seek it out and tell you about it. Round up your besties and hit your local digs. I snagged these babies on Sunday. Yes, the clerks were still putting it out and I kept passing by picking up things off their cart. I am not ashamed. These pictures don't do the set justice, the aqua pitcher is a sublime shade that pushes past aqua into my favorite shade of emerald. So gorgeous!

I also grabbed the ice bucket, so cute and so affordable! I also love that I can even let the boys use it, a perfect blend of style and functionality. She's right at home on my little gold bar cart. But my absolute favorite in the collection? The little plastic goblets - perfect for Mai Tais, right? I am a little worried that I might need the pitcher in bright orange too, so I will swing by and grab it today. At $13, there is no reason not too. My final question to Target is, "How long have you known that you can gild plastic ware and why have you not done this before?" I just want to give a big old HOORAY and a big thank you to Joy, for bringing a little pop of bright and swash of gold into our lives and I hope this is only the beginning of gorgeous tableware and home decor in your future!

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