My Kind of Holiday: Thanksgiving Games

Now that my boys are older, we've started playing games more. So this Thanksgiving I want to start a new tradition, playing games in the afternoon. There's a bit of time to kill before the big dinner so while everyone is sitting around happily munching on treats, why not break out a deck of cards. Family game time is a great tradition to add to the line up, everyone is together and it is always fun to have a little friendly competition.

mykindofholiday game night.JPG

I love a good game of poker, no betting, just the fun part. Ok, so maybe it isn't really poker, but that's ok. Keep your eyes out for good cards, like these pretty ones I found at Target. Finally, black and white, not just standard navy or red backs. While I was picking up my deck of cards, I snagged a few new glasses for my inlaws, who love a good whiskey. Gold confetti print? As if I could say no to them. Besides, aren't they the most gorgeous whiskey glasses ever?

thanksgiving game night.JPG

I also scored this cheese board for $10! I love snagging a good deal so I can splurge on other things, like yummy cheeses. Mmm, I love cheese. I have a small house, so we have one dining room. Keeping things simple is the best way that I can swap out snacks and set the table quickly, seen in my post yesterday, for dinner. I will use the runner and centerpiece to help it feel decorated and cohesive. Having snacks on small trays, like the cheese board  and appetizer plates makes a better use of the space and lets us have room to play cards. Thanksgiving isn't just about great food, it is about having a great time with those we love.

Content and/or other value provided by Target. This post was sponsored by Target and the #mykindofholiday campaign. All opinions are my own.