How To Make An Easy Holiday Rug From Flor

You might have noticed that I am all about changing a few things around the house to decorate for the holidays. A subtle shift in décor is just enough to feel different without plastering Santas and reindeer all over. There are only so many Merry Christmas signs you can really have in the house, right? I love to accent the main items in my home with bold pops of color. The key to having a beautiful home during the holidays? Proper use of color. It is important not to go overboard, even during the holidays. Keep the majority of your home neutral.

great rug for holiday entertaining.JPG

Remember my awesome dining room rug that is perfect for parties from FLOR? All I have to do to get ready is just switch up the patterns. Why not add a new color to make it a little more merry? With FLOR carpet tiles, all you need to do is add a new color here or there. That exactly what I did for Christmas. I love my navy, white and pink rug with bold pops of red, I get tons of complements on it.  Each of my boys even has a favorite pattern. One loves the chevron, the other loves the confetti "party" rug, as he calls it.


A quick swap of lime tiles for the blue and BOOM, instant festive rug.  The confetti style of the rug was perfect to mix and match the holiday colors. I love the triangle shape and the pop of green with my favorite combo of red and hot pink. It was so easy to switch out the tiles that I even had my youngest do it for me. 

swap out colored tiles for christmas rug.JPG

It has a modern edgy vibe in vintage festive colors, perfect to pair with my gilded bar cart and simple white chairs.  I love this rug. All it took to totally change the feel of the room? 5 tiles.  How amazing is that? FLOR will even cut the tiles for you. All I had to do was open the box and pop them into place. I wish all holiday decorating was this easy, hear that Christmas lights?

holiday christmas home decor ideas.JPG

Switching things up was so simple i think i am going to snag a few extra tiles for parties. Just switch out a color (or two) here and there and you have a whole new look to your room. Perfect for the seasons or just for a party. As a gal that likes to switch things up a lot, this is the perfect rug!

This is a sponsored post from FLOR. All opinions are my own.