How to Make an Easy Floral Gift Topper

If you are like me, every year you start with good intentions to get everything wrapped and under the tree with plenty of time. Well, it never happens as perfectly as we plan and I once again find myself scrambling in the last few days before Christmas wrapping my little heart out. I just (minutes ago) finished wrapping 99% of everything and I just want to sing. If you aren't as far along and want a bit of help, check out this easy DIY idea to finish off your gifts: make a pretty Poinsettia for the the tops. It's really easy and budget friendly to knock out a ton of floral toppers from crepe paper streamers. You see, even if it isn't party decor per se, the party soul is still alive and well in everything I do. Besides, how impressed would your sister-in-law be if your gifts showed up in these?  Ah, it's the little things in life, no?

diy crepe paper poinsettia gift topper.JPG

Check out the full tutorial over on Julep and best of luck finishing up this weekend.

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