Great Retro Modern Font: Jack Fy

I have a thing for capital letters. I am drawn to fonts that only use them like an ant to sugar. Jack Fy, a brand new font from Jérémie Hornus, Jason Vandenberg of FONTYOU, was released only yesterday and I think it is amazing. This is a perfect font for any type of branding you might need or even a quick set of gift labels for Christmas. I'd love to use it on a set of place cards because it is clean and fresh with that nod to vintage that I love.

jack fy.png
jack fy 2.jpg

Jack Fy reminds me of calligraphy in a way, but without all the swashes. I love the shape of the Bs and Rs, they feel handwritten but crisp, making them perfect for any printable you need at your next party.

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Super Swoon // Design Editor