Font Friday: Get Fancy Modern with Fansy

There are two kinds of fonts in this world; the kind you use for everything, on everything and the kind that are amazing and perfect for those one or two items. Well, I guess there are three, if you count the don't ever use this font or no one will ever take you seriously, but that's a discussion for another day. The kind of font that is AMAZING and I just want to put it on a cool quote poster or print and hang it in my house is the type of font that I am talking about today.  These are decorative fonts, that should be used carefully and with great restraint, but are so, so good. It's like the dark chocolate of fonts, too much is just that way too much, but just a taste is heaven. Introducing Fansy, a great headline or poster font from Jorge Schmitt. This would make a killer poster or a fun font to add to an escort card.

fansy font 1.jpg

I really love the Fansy A font, which is the simple set of lines, without the background color.

fansy a.gif

But there is something about the Fancy C that I love too. In certain applications I think it could be really cool. For example, the word Wham! looks awesome. Now I just have to find a reason to use it. Keep your eyes open to using things in new ways, just because it says you can layer them doesn't mean you have to.

fansy c.gif

Either way, Fansy is on sale and you can get the whole font family of 3 for under $10. Good fonts at a good price are a great way to start your Friday!

fansy font 3.jpg

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