Font Friday: Ainslie is a Serif with a Twist

Most of the fonts I love are usually san serifs. I just have a love for clean perfect letterforms. I have been known, hello Archer, to fall for a simple and strategically placed serif. I just found Ainslie, a new font from Austrailia's Jeremy Dooley and it made the cut. I love when fonts look beautiful but create a different feel with the various weights. The letters are just barely a nod to serif that it's not too over the top. They are even called semi serifs. The result is a stunning letter that makes this font different from anything that is out there. All too often fonts are created that look exactly like ALL the other fonts out there. Hallelujah someone is out there creating something new.

ainslie font a.png

Ainslie is a fun font that keeps its composure, like a great cocktail, the beauty is in the details. For example, that fantastic lowercase t is awesome. The best part? The entire font family is on sale for $28! That's like buying one and getting 41 weights free. Holy cannoli folks, that's a fabulous Font Friday!

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Super Swoon // Design Editor