Beautiful Bottles by Color for Your Bar Cart

Bottles of booze and beverages of choice, I've been seeing some gorgeous bottles on the shelf lately and now that the sun is out, let's get this party started. Yes, I will be the first to admit, I shop by theme and color as much as taste. A good looking bottle will make me buy one bottle of booze over another. I can't help it; I like to entertain all of my senses, not just my taste buds. Styling your bar cart or beverage station is as easy as Roy G. Biv and I wanted to start the sunny season off right. Here is a starter, a collection of bottles arranged by color to match your event that I did a few years back. Distilleries have exploded and I'm starting this series over again. Do you have any new favorites I HAVE to try? A gorgeous bottle of something that you don't know how to use it? Have a distinct color palette for a party and need some bottled inspiration? I'm up for anything in the name of research!