Amazing New Party Decor at Meri Meri

My heart just exploded. I browse Meri Meri from time to time because they are known for their amazing paper products like cupcake liners, napkins and packaging. When I was cruising the site last week, I fell out of my chair. Wonderful craziness like gold foil, stripes and geometric 3D garlands popped out of my screen and just blew solid colored paper ware out of the water. Why use a solid when you can go a little crazy awesome on your next party? 3D garlands? I just said 3D people! A dala horse cookie cutter?  An electric guitar? It's like Meri Meri said, 'Hmmmm what's missing from parties that is cool and amazing and let's make it." So they did. I couldn't fit anymore products on this round up without sounding a little crazy. Hexagon paper platters? For real, check out the new line up, don't leave any link unturned because this time Meri Meri and their party products have hit it out of the park . The new collections of party wares and decor are perfect for the really cool kids party or an amazing adult birthday fete.