A Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting

As much as I love a fully prepped table, in reality, I prefer a simple setting. A few key beautiful pieces shine when they aren't crowded out by extra decor. Besides, the holidays are for enjoying our guests, not being stressing about our tables. I'm excited because this year is the first year I have a round table. I even love it more since I found the perfect accent to it, a table runner. Have you ever used a table runner on a round table? It looks amazing and fresh and is a great way to designate the heads of the table, which allows you to set direction for the centerpiece and a starting point for your place settings. From there you can space and place the remaining spots. Using this beautiful screen printed linen table runner from Celina Manicurti as inspiration, I created this simple tablescape, perfect for Thanksgiving, your first Friendsgiving or any number of dinner parties.

black and gold table setting.JPG

I wanted to keep the color scheme plain and simple, so I only added accents of gold, black and white. This keeps the focus on the beautiful linen and accents it. I am obsessed with my new ferns, which I planted two small ferns in an oblong oval vintage milk glass planter. It has an oak leaf pattern on the side, which is perfect for fall. The shiny white glass keeps it from feeling too rustic.  It is also really low, which doesn't get in the way from seeing across the table. This is really important when you are at a round table. What is the point of being so close to your guests if you can't see them.

The pieces I used to accent the Celina Manicurti table runner were part of my vintage collections: brass candlesticks, black candles (which I can't seem to use often enough), my set of golden Diralyte flatware, Fireking milk glass salad plates and ___ dinner plates. I also chose to set  the table with only with my Fog glasses from Crate & Barrel. It is Thanksgiving and everyone is walking around with a drink in hand anyway, why clutter the table with glasses that will just get pushed to the side anyway. Like a good design, leave a little white space for your design to breathe.

thanksgiving simple table setting .JPG

Setting a round table can feel weird at first. That's okay. Using a table runner can help designate the space. It gives you a starting point. Place it either straight on as you walk in the room, or at an angle. I placed it at an angle, about 45 degrees from as you walk into the room. It feels more welcoming than looking straight at the back of a chair.

simple black linen and gold table.JPG

I first set the heads of tables, on each end of the table runner. Then I added two place settings to either side of the table. My table is 48" in diameter, so I can seat 6 comfortably and more if needed and we want to be a bit cozier. A setting for 6 was perfect for a simple design. Another of my favorite timesaving tricks? Fill the glasses with water about 30 mins prior to sitting down. This way you don't have to do it when you first sit down.

I love to set the table, but I don't like to make it fussy. Just a few beautiful accents and I'm done.

I recieved a table runner from Celina Manicurti to style in this post. All opinions are my own.