Happy Spring everyone! I'm knee deep in craft supplies, trying to sort the chaos before shooting some of the great Spring DIYs I have coming. So, if you are reading this you are probably wondering - what? Why do I mention blogger burnout? Because it happens. Because I am fighting it. But it isn't what you think, let me explain.

I never wrote my epiphany post after Alt. In fact, I never wrote much about Alt at all, but it doesn't mean that I didn't love every minute of it, especially meeting my favorite people in person, FINALLY! It means that I have been going full speed since then. Well, really before then. I have been going like crazy since holiday started last July. I am not sure if this happens to everyone, but as a DIY blogger I can say that things get a little crazy. Little is an understatement, of course.

DIYs take time, a lot of time. If you are new to DIY blogging wondering how to get started or have been doing it for a while thinking you might be doing something wrong because it takes so long, don't worry. It takes time to come up with a new idea, to shop the supplies, craft the project, to shoot and edit the photos and then to do all the copywriting to make sure your steps are something someone somewhere can actually follow. Then you are formatting and coding (I don't do this, but maybe I should?) the post itself and promoting and pinning it. You are creating original content - the entire thing from start to finish and that takes time. One of the things I have learned from Alt, and working with Alt, is that there is no shortcut. Seriously. The work is there, no matter what.

I busted my butt through the holidays (a DIY blogger's crazy season) and kept going through Alt. I had two parties to decorate for the Wednesday night dinners- TWO! It was nuts, but so awesome. I am so lucky to have the opportunities that I get (and super lucky for the friends that help set up for those parties). Each opportunity is so amazing that I feel immense gratitude and wonder how they even know who I am. I sometimes get overly excited and say yes to too many amazing opportunities. I had so much going on, including craft styling for a book? What?!? I am just now currently really planning out the year for Hank + Hunt. By the way, did you know March is almost over? Wow. So, it got me thinking, how did this happen? What could I have done better? 

The key to staying creative and retaining a smidge of freetime?

As you bring in new opportunities, let older ones go. Don't get me wrong, I love love love contributing. I am good at it. But there is only so much time in the day and when you start to get those great and fabulous opportunities, you HAVE to let go of others. The only way to make more hours in a day is to organize and prioritize.

I have loved every place I have contributed to, but I just can't keep them all. It happens and admitting to myself that it is okay, well it has done wonders. Contributing is a great way to get your name out there and dive in to the wonderful blogger community, I wouldn't change anything I have done. It has made me have the success that I have. I whole heartedly recommend newbies to do it. I just know that the time is right for me to start forging ahead.

It is okay to go back to mainly focusing on your content and your opportunities (and regaining a bit of a life back). If it isn't okay and I am breaking some sort of blogger law of success, oh well. I'm doing it anyway. Now, let's bring on Spring!


It's that time of year again! What would you like to see this year? What do you LOVE about H+H? How can I make improvements? What do you want to learn how to do? What are you looking for?
Please take a moment to fill out this quick survey. There are a few fun questions and a few dull ones, it is a survey after all. I'm building the new media kit to get ready for Alt and I would love to have your thoughts. Great things are coming this year, won't you help me make H+H the best it can be?


They say 7 is a lucky number and it just happens to be my favorite. Lucky for you today, is the 7th day of 24 MERRY DAYS, a virtual advent calendar dreamed up by the amazing Audrey of This Little Street. That means there have already been 6 giveaways! The great news is that you still have time to enter, so hop on over to 24 MERRY DAYS and check out the amazing prizes! Today is your lucky day because today is my day! YAY! We have a gorgeous Sagaform Teapot and Small Jar for you from GRETEL HOME, one of my favorite online shops. They carry a variety of beautifully designed goods for the home and I am just thrilled to pieces they are here today to offer this retro chic set.

Retro was designed by Lotta Odelius and is inspired by Sweden's rich heritage of elaborately patterned tableware, especially those from the 1950s. The graphic design of these ceramic pieces encourages feelings of nostalgia, fondness and comfort.

So, who's in the mood to get merry? Win this happy set to give or to keep for yourself. It is aching to be filled with some yummy tea, don't you think?

Go check out Gretel Home and let me know in the comments below what else you are obsessed with from their shop. That's it, a little online browsing to find a few great gift ideas and leave a comment below to enter to win! Simple and easy! (Giveaway valid for US Only residents)

The giveway ends next Thursday, December 13th Friday, December 14th at midnight so check back bright and early Friday Saturday morning! xo and good luck! (oopsie, I wrote down the wrong end date, the good news is you get and extra day to enter, woo hoo!)

UPDATE: We have a winner, lucky comment #24! WOO HOO Katie!! Thanks for entering everyone! Remember, there are still more prizes to be one over on 24 MERRY DAYS, what are you waiting for?


Today is the first day of December so break out the advent calendars. I am excited to bring this happy little project I am participating in called 24 MERRY DAYS, 24 Days, 24 Bloggers, 24 Giveaways.  Audrey of This Little Street had the beautiful idea of creating a virtual advent calendar, spreading Christmas cheer through giveaways hosted by some awesome bloggers. Each day, go to 24 MERRY DAYS and find out who is hosting the giveaway.

Each day there is something new and each day you can enter to win. You will find some pretty amazing blogs and fabulous companies out there as a bonus. The big question, what can you win? Oh just something lovely from the likes of Lauren Moffatt, Rifle Paper Co., Potter and Butler, Oh, Hello Friend and many more.  Remember it starts TODAY so pop on over to enter Day One of 24 MERRY DAYS!

I am thrilled to be apart of something that will bring so much joy throughout the month. On a side note, how amazingl and lovely are the 24 MERRY DAYS graphics and website? AWESOME. Those were lovingly designed by Little White Whale.