It's that time of year again, when we hear winter wonderland in our heads and dream of sugar plums. I thought I would share a little snow backdrop that I recently used for a photoshoot for some of my holiday DIYs. It's a bit messy but extremely easy and the end result looks pretty great. I love it so much I have saved the board for later use this season. Brides, think of this large scale on a large piece of plywood, how fun would that be?

You will need: a bag of big flake fake snow, mod podge, and a white foam core board.

Lay your board out flat and open that jar of mod podge. Pour out a bit and spread it thinly with your fingers. Those who don't like mess, you could use a paint brush but you have to work really fast. You want to cover the whole board before any spots dry. Once done, wash your hands really quick and come back to pour the entire bag of snow over the board.  Spread and press down around the board, making sure each section is covered evenly. Let dry overnight or a few hours.  Once dry, lift up and tap on one end, shaking off the excess snow.


Ta-da!  You now have your own snow covered backdrop ready for your next tabletop photo shoot for your Etsy shop or DIY beauty shots. I told you it was easy!

Note: Store this board in a large trash bag, it will shed flakes here and there and this keeps it neat and tidy in your prop room aka craft cave / spare bedroom.


Here is a look into my secret toolbox, moss sheets are amazing backdrops. Amazing. They are messy and will make a mess all over the floor or tabletop, but the end results are completely worth it. It is a great backdrop to have in the arsenal. Moss is sold in rolls, about $15 without my usual coupon and is about 2 feet wide, perfect for on top of the white board I usually shoot on. I just unrolled it out on to the tabletop, remember I shoot on the boys' little Ikea playtable.

I love the bright green and texture. Since the moss is a natural green it comes across as a neutral. I love it so much I actually have to restrain myself from using it everywhere. It is very outdoorsy and the styling and crafts that you can use it with are limited.

The roll would make a great alternative to a table runner or to top a dessert buffet. Just remember to put the moss on first, away from food or even dishes, and then clean up. Every time you move the stuff it gets messy again.  As long as it sits flat on a table, with no overhanging edges, you should be ok.

Another idea? Hot glue a sheet to a white board for a vertical moss wall backdrop, which would be very pretty. Remember to store it in a large garbage bag or it will be everywhere. I keep mine as a roll in the original packaging.  What unusual things have you found to be great backdrops?


It's early in the morning as I am writing this for later today and I am about to make bread. I am taking this class from Tristan of Besotted Blog and Michelle of Creatocrat and I am dying from inspiration. The kind that makes you want to stop what you have to do and just take photographs of gorgeous food. I think it might be the hardest struggle of a creative, making sure you block out enought time in your schedule to just be. So if I ever seem really quiet on Fridays, like I post and run...that's why. Fridays are my off day. So, at least this time I will leave you with a few things to do while I pop off to go photograph some foccacia.

This article on how to Avoid DIY Disaster is awesome and so true.

Any class by Souvenir Foto is amazing, but this one is destined to be delicious, too.

I love gorgeous kid blogs with gorgeous photos. 

We get the halloween out of the attic tomorrow and I want to make a bazillion of these little guys for around the house.  A Beautiful Mess is knocking it out of the park lately...I mean, WOW.

I love roundups of photography tips. Brittni finds the best.

A BIG thank you to Maddy and Lyndsey this week. I can't express how amazing you both are and how much I appreciate all of your help.


Here's a little peek into my prop closet with the plates of H+H. It sounds so much more exciting than it is. It does make me realize that I need more tidbit plates to add to the collection. When styling for tutorials, I like for all of my photos have the same feel. These plates are simple and basic and can work with a variety of colors.

There are some vintage mixed in with some new: (from left to right) POTTERY BARN, MARTHA STEWART (back), CLOUD NINE BY FRANSICAN (vintage front), MARTHA STEWART (color), ANCHOR HOCKING (clear)

Since I shoot more dessert tables and tabletop, I like to collect small plates. I tend to buy smooth, unrimmed plates. I will be adding more to this collection, but as I do I will either donate or sell underloved or overused items at a yard sale to keep my numbers down. There is only so much storage in a house!

What do you collect? How do you keep it organized?


Just popping in to let you guys know about a crazy awesome deal by a fabulous local Seattle photographer, Jessica May Photography. Are you excited? You should be! There will be lemonade and snacks and all kids of awesome shots being taken! It's gonna be great! Three shots for $50? Are you kidding? If you've seen my new twitter photo, yep, Jessica did it! So mark your calendars for September 8th and shoot an email to Jessica (email below) and sign up ASAP! Spots are sure to sell out fast!