I am always looking for new and fabulous cake stands. I have to restrain myself from buying them all. I have more stands than the average party blogger should even own. This does not keep me from trying to find the latest and greatest. I give you the coolest cake stand ever. Yep, I'm calling this one. You could use this for epic desserts or for a catchall tray in your foyer. Either way, this handsome stallion of a cake plate is rarin' to go. Sorry for the horse puns, but do you blame me? This is amazing. I'm always telling you the importance of having basic white serveware and this is the reason why. Your standard collection will blend in while this amazing stand shines in all it's glory. That one diamond, in a fun and quirky manner, quietly shouts 'I am awesome, check out what I put my cupcakes on'. Guests will oooh and ahhh. I guarantee it. IMM Living is a beautiful and fun brand of ceramic goodies, this horse head Takes the Cake Plate is one of my favorites. I encourage you to check them out and find some fun little finds for yourself! I tracked down the cake plate and you can buy it here.

I like to share my secret sources, so I will always let you know where I find goodies. Looking for something for your next party? Ask me. Got something quirky that you need to track down? Let's make a post of it and submit your query. I'm on the hunt and I bet I can find it. If I can't, we might just have to make it. Win win.