Hi folks! Have you missed me? I have a little treat for you today that ANYONE can make. All you need is a pack of letter sized cardstock, some acrylic paint and a brush. Yep, make your own giant birthday banner. There is no reason to settle for one they sell at the party store when you can make this in 30 mins. All I did was paint, the messier the better, a light color down on the cardstock. Let dry. Add a second messy coat, let the brush strokes show, in the darker color over the top of the first color.  Let dry. String with twine and voila. I told you it was easy.

We've (Jennifer, Jenn, Rina and I) have been hard at work in a whirlwind of a book shoot for Trophy Cupcakes, which finally wrapped up on Friday! Check out the sneak peek available for pre-orders! If you have been following along my instagram you can get more sneak peeks. I know the posts have been light lately, and they will still be a smidge longer, but I am planning some great things for H+H so stay tuned! You see, on top of being crazy busy crafting more crafts than I ever have in a 5 week time frame, I have been sick since I got back from Alt. I finally made it to the doctor (bad Jenny) and got some antibiotics so I should be kicking this bad boy anytime now. There's lots of great things ahead, just bear with me as I get back on track.