You guys know how much I love new craft tools, right? One of the few things I hadn't tried yet (but was dying to) was a Silhouette. The biggest draw for me was that I can design my own shapes and use ANY font on my computer, which, if you follow my Font Fridays, you know I love me some good fonts. When I was asked if I wanted to be an affliliate for Silhouette and test out a Portait, I jumped at the chance! YAY! But wait, not only does this little lovely machine cut anything my heart desires, now there are Sketch Pens that draw any design (or font) that you want. Wait, what? Yep. So, in the spirit of Easter, I made a fun little geometric garland. It's easy, trust me.

You will need: Silhouette Portait, Silhouette Sketch Pen Set, Hexagon Shapes Download, Patterned Paper, Embroidery Thread or Twine

Once you are in the Silhouette Studio, the design software that comes with your Silhouette, open up your hexagon file. Right click on the hexagons and UNGROUP.  Copy and paste 5 more hexagons and arrange them on your page. Add letters in your choice of font and center each letter on top of a hexagon.

Select each hexagon and CTRL+X to cut (remove) them from the page. Click Cut in the file menu and change your settings to SKETCH PEN. Remove the cutting too and add your choice of colored sketch pen to the machine. Cut (draw).

Once the letters have been drawn, CTRL+V to paste the hexagons back on the page. They will still be perfectly lined up from before you removed them. Now, CTRL+X the letters to remove them. Click Cut in the file menu and change your settings to BLADE. Make any adjustments for your paper type and change your sketch pen back to the cutting blade in your machine. Cut out shapes.

Carefully peel off your garland shapes and attach to string with tape on the back of your shape. Hang and enjoy!

Isn't it fun? By the way, the paper is from a paper pack by Basic Grey called "Fiction".

If you are wondering, where can I get one? I have great news for you! Silhouette is offering a promotion this week for my readers! All you have to do is use the promo code "HANK" and you can get these great deals here.

Silhouette CAMEO® and sketch pen starter kit: $269.99

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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Silhouette (I recieve free product, etc..) all thoughts and opinions are my own.