I got the chance to interview Maxwell of Apartment Therapy thanks to HP last week and got to ask him some great questions about taming the craft chao. Since I had him on the phone, you know I had to ask what was in his party toolbox. Party Favorites is a series here at H+H where we ask bloggers what do they always have on hand for entertaining? So, just what does the king of organization do when it comes to throwing a party? What are his must haves? Let's find out...1. Amaretti Cookies - during the Holiday season he stocks up on Amaretti cookies. Did you also know you can light the leftover cookie papers and they will float? Thanks, Maxwell!

2. Sparklers - he always has a box of sparklers. Everyone loves them, especially kids. Maxwell's daughter Ursula adores them.

3. Zoku Quick Pop Maker with Character Kit - A fun little addition to the Zoku family, you take the cutting tools and make shapes out of fruit to make character popsicles.

Oh, and did I mention he makes his own party crafts,  too? This guy never ceases to amaze me. He used his HP All-in-One Printer to scan and print his own one of a kind paper bunting. AWESOME.

A big THANK YOU again to Maxwell for sharing his party tricks! Thanks to HP for making this possible! Don't forget to check out his interview here.