What is a fringe pouf exactly?'s not quite garland, but you could make it into one. It's not quite a tassel, but it's even easier and has the effect of many tassels together. It's not quite a tissue pouf, but it's fluffy and I am calling it that anyway. Ta da! Every party without fail has a few surprises. These little poufs were made for Bing's 'Dot the i' dinner at the Naked Fish Restaurant for Alt. When Natalie asked if I would decorate for the party, I was thrilled. We immediately starting thinking of ideas around polka dots and copper. I love taking an idea and running with it. Not everything for a polka dot party needs to be a polka dot. Here I stuck with the color palette and made a fun accent to the party. I made four of these to hang on the sides under the large beams that went across the room.

You will need:

black tissue paper

copper mylar sheets

rotary cutter, a ruler and a mat

fishing line to hang

Take 6 sheets of tissue paper and 1 sheet of mylar. Lay 3 sheets of tissue paper flat. Lay the mylar sheet flat on top. Add the remaining 3 sheets of tissue paper flat on top of that. Fold all 7 sheets in half lengthwise.

Using your rotary cutter and mat, cut fringe into the open end of the folded tissue, about 1/2" apart. Leave about 1 inch to the fold so the sheets stay attached or your fringe will be strips of tissue. Continue down the entire length of the tissue fold.

To hang, fold the fringe about 1/3 the way down and turn the folded portion to the back of the pouf. Fluff with your fingers.  Make as many or as few as you need. This also works great in multi-tissue colors, if you use the darker shade inside it really adds definition to your fringe.

Use techniques for other DIYs and add a twist. It's the details that really tie your party together and when it is this easy? Well, all you have to do is smile and say "thank you" to the compliments that are sure to come your way.

This post was sponsored by Bing. We wanted to share a little bit of the party with you. Want to see more bits and pieces of the party? Stay tuned!