Have you seen those huge feather headresses around Pinterest that are in gorgeous bright colors? I LOVE them and I just happened to have many, many yards of gold mylar. I was planning on making a photobooth backdrop with ithe stuff and just haven't had the opportunity. Every time I walked into the craft room, it called to me. I had to make something out of it. I don't have the time to make the backdrop just yet, fingers crossed for February, but I thought this little wall decor idea would help perk the place up a bit from the nakedness of post-Christmas' lack of decor.

You will need:

poster board

a full roll of tape

gold mylar rope



Take something big and round and trace it to the poster board or use a pencil and string to make a huge circle DIY protractor style.

Cut out the circle with scissors.

Cut 4 to 5" lengths of gold mylar rope. I don't know what this stuff was called but I just have frightening memories of giant bows being made for hairclips out of this and punchinella (that other stuff that is left over from making sequins). Shivers...

Trim one end of each piece at an angle, this will create the jagged edge.

Unroll and tape to the posterboard, starting from the outside and working your way in and around the circle. *If you wanted to make a backdrop (and you can't wait for the DIY) just do this starting at the bottom of your backdrop and work up. You will need WAY more mylar for that.

Once you have made it to the center, hang. The gold catches the light just right and it reminds me of some kind of metal wall sculpture from the 60s. I can't stop staring at it.

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