I've been dying to add video to Hank + Hunt and I just started playing around with it when BAM...the Vine App happened. Don't know what Vine App is? It is a crazy new app from that I might be addicted to and have to stop looking at because I have to actually get stuff done. Essentially it is like Instagram, but with 6 second videos.  You point your phone's camera at something and hold down your finger to record. Switch scenes and hold down to record again. Insta-edit. It plays your video in loop. AWESOME.

There's a lot of food and fun videos out there, but I have this wild idea that I HAVE TO shoot mini-diys with it. No words, just how to make something quick and simple and easy. I have three so far and of course they are celebration related, so join the fun and find me on Vine at hankandhunt.