I am still spinning from the past few days. I went last year, but nothing prepares you for the pure amount of awesome that is Alt Summit. I have not had any coffee today and I think it is a mix of adrenaline and exhaustion. I got to meet some gals that have been my online friends forever, and I now feel like we can take on the world together. I met a whole ton of great blogs, some I have been reading forever as well as some amazing ones that I just found out about. I think that was the best part. Making connections with real live people, and what an amazing group of people it was!

While I collect my thoughts and snap some pretty pictures of business cards, here is a little sneak peek from my panel of DIY superstars, Chris Gardner (Curbly), me (yippee), Chelsea Costa (Lovely Indeed), Jill Nystul (One Good Thing by Jillee) and Melissa Esplin (I Still Love You.)  Being able to meet these talents and talk with them, let alone sit on a panel and share what we know was amazing! Not to mention the amazing swag bag and goodies from Jill! An entire bag full of everything you need to survive Alt, amazing! Thanks, Jill!

We spoke on DIYs & Pinterest and I will be honest, I was terrified. If you get me alone and ask a question,  I dare you to get me to shut up about styling and shooting DIYs. Seriously, you probably have to smack me to stop, I am very opinionated. Get me on a panel and I freak. Luckily, I don't think anyone saw my fear and I even had a few quotes tweeted out. Is that crazy or what? People wanted to meet me? I am still shocked by the whole thing. Alt was amazing and all this week I will be posting here and there about my experience and what I learned.

More to come, today is crazy and I am trying to get back into the swing of things on my own. You know laundry, groceries (as amazing as my husband did wathcing the boys, groceries are not his forte). I had meant to post while at Alt, but it was just a whirlwind. Stay tuned and don't forget to follow twitter with #altsummit to get all the links to the great recaps that are coming along!