I can't be the only person with the helium shortage to be thinking this question. I first started using home helium tanks when we lived in Reno, technically wayyyy outside Reno. The closest helium was 20 minutes away at the dollar store and they weren't friendly to people who come in regularly to just get their balloons filled up. I pretty much had to beg. The next closest place was 30 mins away, now, we're not talking 30 mins of traffic, we are talking 30 mins of hustling down the freeway at 70. You tell me how you will get 3 giant round balloons home in a tiny car with two kids in the back seat. So, I started buying the mini tanks and I LOVE them. They are a bit of work to haul around because they are super heavy but they are much easier to fit in a car and you can inflate the balloons right at your destination. They are a bit more expensive now, with the helium shortage, but it is worth it to me simply because of the convenience. Oh, and you can buy every balloon under the sun HERE like 6" tiny hearts in every color? Yes, please! Is it wierd that I REALLY want the black ones?

Now, you are thinking, 'well that's great but I have X number of balloons', which tank do I need? The helium box will tell you how much you need for regular (11" balloons) but what about those cool foil numbers or the awesome round ones? Here's a little cheat sheet for you to DOWNLOAD and print so you can estimate your next party or DIY photo shoot. Enjoy.

Note: I found this information on the internet, I just made it pretty so I can use it.  Now you can, too.