Sometimes I am sorting my craft supplies so I can even walk in my craft room, find something I forgot about and have to make something out of it. How fun are these little blocks holding giant versions of birthday candles? These would look amazing on top of a simple little white cake, no?

You will need:

1 inch wood blocks

hand drill with 5/16" drill bit (or one the same size as your candle)


Mark the top of each block in the center. Hold the block with the pliers on a flat surface. Keep your drill perpendicular to the block and drill 1/3" down. Blow off dust. Fill a shallow bowl with some water and add your food color of choice. Pop in the blocks to color and check after about 5 to 10 mins, or to the color desired.  Roll around slightly to fully coat blocks for about one minute at the end. This gives the blocks a ombre effect while still coloring the whole block. Let dry on a paper towel. Insert candle and party.

See? Power tools aren't that hard and you might find you like drilling holes in stuff.