Every once in a while I catch a tweet and my heart skips a beat. Today, it was Michelle Edgemont's tweet about Spoonflower's new products...design your own wallpaper. The best part, it is self adhesive (hello renter/party thrower heaven) and removeable. I was so excited I squealed "OH MY GOSH" and both boys came running. I have seen a few options for removeable wallpaper before, but to be able to design your very own, the colors, patterns and designs are spinning around in my head. Thank heavens for Spoonflower, first to be able to make your own fabrics to this? I am so excited, which might be silly to some of you, but DIYers, you know how this feels. Crazy Awesome. 

The impact of this totally affordable party/house option is amazing. This is EPIC, and I hate using that word but this is amazing. Don't know how to make your own patterns? I recommend this class from Alma Loveland and Nicole's Classes and you will be able to create whatever your heart desires. Woo Hoo!!