I've always loved the tissue flower garlands of Ashley Meaders, so when Melanie of You Are My Fave asked me to make one, I figured out an easy way to make them. This DIY is really so easy that Hunter, who is four, could make them too. Really. I did the cutting, but he was able to stick the flowers on. XL Glue Dots are the secret. I guess you could say this is my cheater version. If the end result looks this great, who cares if you cheated, right?

Last year, I did some work for Glue Dots and one of the benefits of working with brands is that you get a ton of product. I had some left over and use them to make quick and easy flowers for this garland.

Check out the full DIY over on You Are My Fave and feel free to customize the colors to anything you need. Enjoy!