For a party, you don't always have to recreate the wheel. Sure, I am constantly trying to come up with new and never seen before ideas for party garlands. Sometimes are harder than others. In reality, the best parties are those that have just a few personalized touches. If I can use something that already exists and just put it together in a way that is new and fun, well, that makes the best party ever, not to mention less stress for the hostess. This party idea is easy to do using precut tissue festooning, aka fringe garland, and party cups. Keep your eyes open everywhere for cool things to add to your party toolbox, like these paper cups from Ikea.

Every once in a while places like Target or even Marshalls will have cool paper cups or plates with a fun design on them. It is nice to have a pop of pattern in a party. I grab them when I see them, because they don't last long. Murphy's Law definately applies to paper cups, don't ask me why. Can't find a fun cup? Try this method with a simple solid cup, a hot pink cup with powder pink for the fringe for a monochromatic approach or mix it up and get crazy. I still think a cream colored cup with vanilla fringe would fit any occasion. For Halloween, yes it is time to start thinking about it, try black and orange.

Check out my full DIY over on The Sweetest Occasion. Fun with fringe, now that makes quite a party cup don't you think?