Inspired by beautiful pictures of bulletin boards on Pinterest, I decided to make my own. I found this board for only $14 at my local craft store and snatched it up. It is really for my office, but its large size makes it perfect for using as a photography backdrop too. I love it when I can get double duty out of the things I already have lying around my house.

You will need:

ScotchBlue Painter's Tape

white spray paint*

black craft paint

The first thing you need to do is paint the entire corkboard white. I did this using regular latex paint and it was too wet, causing it to blister. When I tweeted the horrible bubbles that appeared, it was suggested  on Instagram to use spray paint instead. Note taken. Luckily the board dried 99.7% flat and I was able to salvage it. I have to look pretty hard to find the lumpy spots, it dried really well. I was scared for a while though.

The next thing I did was use my painter's tape. I started a strip on one corner of the board and pulled a strip to the diagonal corner. I pressed down the corners first, holding the tape taut, and then pressed down the line.  To make sure my remaining lines matched up and created even strips, I cut two small pieces to use as my guides. At each end of the board, underneath the tape line, I added the strips so they lined up perfectly. Then I laid my next long strip of tape underneath that. Once pressed, I removed the two measuring short strips and moved them below the new long strip. I added a new long strip and continued with that all the way down to the corner. I flipped the board and did the other half of the board. It is simple and requires no measuring or tick marks, and since my open area is the same width of the tape, it created perfect sized lines.

Paint with one really good coat of black craft paint. Once you have covered the entire board let sit for a minute or two and pull off the tape. Voila, you now have a black and white striped bulletin board. The whole project took less than an afternoon, the longest time being the extended dry time for my little mishap. Spray paint would be much easier!