I've been teasing you on Instagram (@hankandhunt) with this DIY for candy garland. I love candy garlands for Christamas and Halloween but hate to toss all that work every year. I have tried to save them but anyone who knows what happens in attics to candy garlands and things placed in boxes by candy garlands knows this is not an option.

I used some styrofoam balls and clear mylar wrap to make the perfect non-melting candy. I painted these for the upcoming Halloween in orange, green and black. You could paint them any color you like for a birthday party garland or even, in just a few short months, make them for your tree.

You will need:

2 inch styrofoam balls (these are the smooth styrofoam, not the holey floral foam kind)

sand paper

craft paint

clear mylar gift wrap



small bamboo skewer

hand drill and drill bit


I picked a drill bit the size of the hole of the styrofoam balls. There was already one hole halfway through the balls I used. Insert the drill bit in the hole and then continue to drill straight through the other side. You don't have to go very fast but I would recommend holding the ball with pliers. Use paper towels to pad the ball from getting plier marks.

As you drill to the other side, sometimes it comes out clean, sometimes not so much, either way it's ok. They will be wrapped and you won't see this when we are done, promise.

Sand the mold line down with a piece of sandpaper, I used 400 grit because it was what I have lying around. Wipe away dust with a slightly damp paper towel. Let dry.

Paint all the balls the candy colors of your choice, two coats. Let dry between coats. They will roll so place them on a cookie sheet or box. Touch up any roll marks.

Tape your twine onto the tip of a six inch skewer and thread the balls onto the twine.

Cut small squares of mylar for your candy wraps. Wrap each ball in a piece of mylar and twist the ends. Take one inch strips of tape and cut in half.  Wrap each piece of tape on each twist to secure. Repeat with remaining balls. Adjust the candies along your twine as needed for spacing. Hang and enjoy.

I'm not the first to make a candy garland with foam balls, but this larger size makes it more fun and interesting. I made some with wood beads but I still have to wrap them. I'll share pictures when I finish, I just wanted to get these cuties up so you have plenty of time to make them before Halloween!