There are an array of simple party supplies that can make a simple day into something simply festive. Crepe paper streamers get a bad rap but can really work out in a pinch.

Want more shades? Want more variation? Cut the full size folds of crepe paper, available in an array of shades into your own streamers. It is an easy way to make a mono chromatic set of streamers, without using the bold everyday shades available everywhere. I guarantee if you make streamers out of mint crepe paper, everyone will ask you where you found them. Use a sharp rotary cutter and a straight edge and take a typical party staple to the next level.

I did this DIY over on HELLOBEE to show that for just a few dollars and five minutes, you can have a mini celebration, for whatever reason. So what's the verdict? Yay or nay on the use of streamers in a party? I think they have been out of the spotlight long enough, let's bring them back!