Here's a little peek into my prop closet with the plates of H+H. It sounds so much more exciting than it is. It does make me realize that I need more tidbit plates to add to the collection. When styling for tutorials, I like for all of my photos have the same feel. These plates are simple and basic and can work with a variety of colors.

There are some vintage mixed in with some new: (from left to right) POTTERY BARN, MARTHA STEWART (back), CLOUD NINE BY FRANSICAN (vintage front), MARTHA STEWART (color), ANCHOR HOCKING (clear)

Since I shoot more dessert tables and tabletop, I like to collect small plates. I tend to buy smooth, unrimmed plates. I will be adding more to this collection, but as I do I will either donate or sell underloved or overused items at a yard sale to keep my numbers down. There is only so much storage in a house!

What do you collect? How do you keep it organized?