Here are some of my favorite things this week. What was on your list?

Did you know ALT has a blog? Your welcome. Check out my favorite post this week about styling DIY photos.

I want to make air dry porcelain with the boys, me = pretty tea lights, boys = probably animal of choice,  weekend crafting = FUN. Found via Brittany.

I'm gonna buy a big notebook and do this.

Will someone buy me these striped goodies? Please?! They match my branding = AWESOME.

It's the next new thing...did you know they bring luck?

and...I submitted a few designs for the MINTED Surprise Challenge (it's partywares!!) and I would LOVE if you could pop over and vote for me! Sort by designer and I'm about page 25 or so, under Jenny Batt. Thanks and have a fabulous weekend!