Ok guys, I was gathering supplies yesterday at Michaels and saw this mdf cake stand blank. I was sad earlier in the week when I saw the Michaels tweets about their blogger meet up, little twinges of jealousy that I wasn't invited...but this more than makes up for it. A blank pre-primed cake stand. It's simple and you can do anything to it. Kudos to Michaels for bringing this in, why didn't anyone think of it sooner!! Of course I had to buy it, right then and there and I've been stirring about what to do with it all night.

That's where you come in. I figured you can help me decide what we should do with this. Do we spray paint it? Chevron? Stripes? Do a faux malachite paint job on it?  Decoupage some newsprint on it? What?! You tell me. Get excited. If this works we can do many more "interactive" diys.

Here's my plan,let's gather ideas in the comments, then we will vote. Once we have a style, I will have posts showing the diy in action. What worked, what didn't work. It will have tips and tricks that I am basing my hypothesis and techiniques on. You will see my full diy process and we'll end up with a cool DIY in the end. What do you think? Let's get some commenting action in here people!!

By the way, isn't my new marble table gorgeous? I love it. I can't stop staring at it. This will be the first of many pictures of it, I promise. Thanks to my friend Bella at THE CITIZEN ROSEBUD for selling it to me!