Are you looking to spruce up your next party with something new? Hanging decorations are always fun and can instantly make your party feel like the celebration it should be, but as much as I love tissue poms and honeycomb balls, sometimes I just feel like something different. Geometrics are awesome and everywhere so shouldn't they be at your party too?

A side note on my creative process: I usually obsess over things. That's why you will see an abundance of fringe or tissue paper or geometrics around my DIYs. I have a monthly schedule that I run and as I finish new tutorials, I go to my next project and sometimes ditch the original plan from my list to make this newly inspired creation. Such is the case with the two geometric projects that popped out yesterday. First, I made the diamond honeycomb DIY for Ruffled. I love how insanely easy these are, I mean can you cut in a straight line? Done. To be continued... (always wanted to say that!)