Maybe it's just me, but I always want to know what someone uses ALL the time. It isn't just for party favorites but also for makeup, apps, organizational tools, lenses, you name it. This is really true for craft tools, what are some of your favorites? I want to share what I know and have you give tips and trick here too. Is it weird that I think the best parties are collaborations? Everyone brings their strengths (and favorites) and we can all learn from each other.

I keep feeling like I am learning things the hard way with blogging. I don't know if I am explaining it right, but I feel like I am learning things that someone could have told me about, that I could could have done it the right way the first time. I keep on going but it could have been easier. I don't ever want to keep anything from you, so please, just ask. The only questions that are silly are the ones you don't ask.

Secrets are spilled here at H+H. I tell you what I have learned the hard way, that's just how I roll. Go HERE to check out my favorite craft tools and why. A big THANK YOU to Catherine of DESIGN EDITOR, who also spills secrets (love her!), for having little old me over today! Pop by and leave her a note! Thanks Catherine, what a treat!