If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @hankandhunt and I just realized there isn't a link to it on the blog...bad Jenny!) you get sneak peeks at DIYs that I am making. I don't like to give away all the surprises, but I do love to give hints. The hint I gave for this was "you can never have too much neon or plastic animals" and I think it is true. Animal favor boxes? Maybe in gold even? Check out the full DIY over on Hellobee.

You might notice that I usually take a craft or material or color and run with it. Creatively, that is just how my mind works. I start playing with crepe paper for one project and get inspired by it. I play with the scraps or the way it hangs off the table while I am doing something else. I've warned you I can be a bit obsessive and that certainly applies to color. Once I'm struck, I see it everywhere and I can't stop. I create my final parties to be simply styled on purpose and I hope you realize you can make them in any shade you desire, I merely offer the tutorial. I say this, because I am editing yet another DIY in blue. I can't help it.