Just popping in to say, KIWI CRATE is having a sale. The creators of awesome craft kits (aka DIYs for minipeople) that are delivered monthly to your little one have reached a crazy number of facebook followers, 15,000! To celebrate they are offering a great discount of $5 to use towards a monthly subscription or in their Celebration shop, just use code 15KFAN

They don't do sales often so, hop to it, summer is HERE. Grab some DIY goodies for your next backyard fete to entertain the short ones or order a monthly crate of fun to be delivered to surprise them. Did you know that if you happen to have children who prefer not to share, don't ask me how I know this, that you can order extra goodies just in case for a few dollars more? There are plenty in the original box for two, but speaking as a mom of two boys, anything that guarantees peace for under $10, I'm all over it.

The sale only lasts until tomorrow, June 20th so go check it out ASAP.