So, if you might have noticed I'm a color hound. I find one color that attracts my eye and bam...I saturate myself with it. btw, I have tried to stop with the puns this week and I just can't.  Read the descriptions in the ideabook and you will see.  Har Har. At least I admit I am not funny! Anyhoo, this month for my HOUZZ.com ideabook, I decided to take my love for blue to the ocean. I love the beach, but everytime I put something beachy in my house I feel like a fake. I don't live near the ocean. I haven't even seen one in ten years. I haven't been to one you can swim in (sorry, Northern California) in about 20. Does that mean I can't incorporate it into my house? No. Bring on the ocean, minus the weird nautical themes, H+H style. Can I just say I am OBSESSED with this wallpaper. Crazy OBSESSED. So go check out my picks HERE.