I was putting together my Cinco de Mayo post for tomorrow and was getting images for JARRITOS sodas, you know thos yummy little sodas in the Mexican section of the grocery store next to the green can of awesome salsa?

Have you seen the JARRITOS site? If a website or brand can be a party, well, a fiesta, this is it. It is awesome. You can click on various portions of the page for fun treats. Even more awesomer (yes, it is so awesome I am making up words) click on the bottles and listen. Hilarious, right? But wait, now click on the senor with the camera...FUERTE VISION! Stay tuned for awesome videos of lunchtime hero, Urban Lunchador. Brilliant branding by Jarritos. Fun, funny and they just reminded me to buy more Jarritos for this weekend. I hope you will too. Viva fiesta!