A fun little DIY I did over on OH HAPPY DAY last week that I forgot to share with you! They are little escort cards that really are just mini canvases with string art. Now these are the thin style canvases that come in six packs at the end of the aisles, I got mine at Michaels. I am really obsessed lately with the black preprimed canvases. Not that it is hard to paint a canvas black, but anytime I can save a step, especially one that involves drying time, I am all over it.

Behind the scenes notes: You can not reuse these bad boys as the chalkboards they will resemble. You can fix a minor mistake with a white art eraser, but you will have to repaint them if you want to reuse them as placecards. I would recommend painting the canvases prior to stringing so that you can repaint later. As with all preprimed canvases, you can see where it has been painted but the lines of repainting are easily hidden if the entire canvas is first coated. I did not try this with chalkboard paint, but I am thinking about it. If you do, let me know if it works. Enjoy!

p.s. This is my favorite picture of the string art. I was playing with layers in Photoshop and copied the canvas in color and pasted it on top of the black and white layer. It's the first time I have tried to do that and it actually worked. Woo hoo!