Are you creative and want to start a business? Tired of the same old everyday and want to make your dreams come true? Well, I know something that can help you get there: the CREATE + CONNECT PROJECT: where creative entrepreneurs go to turn their passion into profit. This online course is made especially for creatives and gives you the tips and tricks you will need to create AWESOME out of your ideas.  How many times have you thought about diving in? I know many of my lovely, lovely readers are crazy about DIY and I thought this might interest you. Have you been waiting to open up shop? Looking for the right moment? I'll let you in on a secret... you will never get that right moment, you MAKE it. So do it NOW. When Mariah approached me about sharing this with you, I said yes because sometimes we are all stuck in that spot where we just don't know where to go from here. If this can help anyone get unstuck and realize their dreams then that sincerely makes me happy. If it just gives you that extra spring to get off your duff and DO IT, even if you don't take the course, then that is AWESOME, too!

Want to register? You can sign up right HERE. Note: I just want to mention that the link is my affiliate link and I receive compensation if you sign up using it. Remember, that's just how I pay for craft supplies!