Hello, hello. Yep. I'm challenging yall to a good old fashioned pin off. Wait, what? Well, not me per se. KIWI CRATE, the company that brings kids a wonderful crate, full of hands-on fun, delivered monthly to your door is holding a pinning contest for the THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER. They just opened their CELEBRATION SHOP where you can order gift crates for your next party. Each gift crate contains goodies for your little party goers to create their own favors. How fun is that? What a better alternative to traditional favors! There aren't any parties in our near future, so I thought I would order these capes for the boys anyway.

In celebration of their new CELEBRATION SHOP, KIWI CRATE is hosting a pin off of sorts... PIN IT TO WIN IT,  so go check out the full rules and details. I'm totally doing this, an excuse to pin stuff? Do I really need one? To pin party stuff...and win something good? Holy canolli you had me at pin...The contest is through the end of the month and they are picking five weekly winners to post to their Facebook page for voting. So get going!

I'm whole heartedly doing this a.) to support a company with a great idea for kids to create that makes it so simple and fun and b.) I didn't get paid to say this I just happen to think it is awesome and it makes me still eligible to win, so as any competetive gal would say in this situation...bring it on my party planning pals!