One of my favorite blogs, YOU ARE MY FAVE, is written by Melanie, who is now the world's cutest mommy with a brand new little guy named Beck. Congratulations and welcome to the club! She invited me to share a little MOTHER"S DAY IN A BOX. I love Melanie's "in a box" series, and I was thrilled to do one for her so pop on over to check out my swing at it. (shhhhh...I have another diy in the queue so keep your eyes peeled!)

If you were ever curious, I know I don't share much about myself on the blog, but go check out HELLOBEE and my day to day schedule, when I actually stick to it.

I also have a few lovely notes about motherhood. I loved sharing with Melanie, another fabulous one, from INWARD FACING GIRL. She did a whole series on blogger mammas, it is wonderful and you should go read it!