I just wanted to pop in this morning and introduce you to a new SPONSOR here at H+H.  Please welcome DIRTY LAUNDRY. We love to share ways to personalize your party and make it special and the fabulous Jeanee over at DIRTY LAUNDRY can help you do just that. She makes those adorable cupcake bath fizzies that are all over Pinterest.

Now at DIRTY LAUNDRY you can order personalized sets for weddings, baby showers and birthdays with labels to match your shindig! How fun is that? Can you tell me a gal that wouldn't love this? A set of these would even be perfect for Mother's Day, maybe a simple label of "MOMS ROCK" and you can give them out, not only to both grandmas and your sis-n-law, but to each of your rockin' mama friends at that next playdate.

So please give Jeanee a big H+H welcome! Don't forget to check out her blog and her Pinterest boards, she finds the BEST stuff.

We love our SPONSORS here at H+H and if you'd like to become one click HERE or shoot us a line.

Can I tell you how amazing it is to have Sponsors that I love?