Our next SPONSOR, is the talented GO AGAINST THE GRAIN. Laurel is one of my font friends and I have known her practically as long as I have been blogging. She also happens to be a paper flag extrordinaire. Cupcake toppers, straws and pencils are only a few of the great options you can have customized. The extra bonus? This gal is wild about fonts, so your options are endless...

Laurel also does custom wedding map designs, labels, invitations and more. She is able to design your entire wedding or party, or coordinate a few elements in with your existing design. I still can't get over those cute pencils. Love that idea. If anyone is reading this...I might know a mom who wants her cupcakes to be adorned like those awesome yellow letters above...H+H, I'm looking at you.

Please give a big H+H welcome to Laurel and pop over to her shop to get a taste of what this lady can do. Email her for your own personalized party that will be unique and beautiful.

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