Ok, I know we are all really busy in this crazy world, but next time you bring treats for your kid's class, be THAT mom. It is all too easy to save time and just pick up a box of cupcakes from the store and send the short guy off with a plastic box of sugar, but I'm begging you not to do it. Take a few moments of time, get your little ones to help and bake a batch of birthday cookies. I made the dough and icing Sunday afternoon and yesterday we baked, cooled and decorated in between showers, breakfast and getting ready for school.

A simple decorating shortcut, don't ice the whole thing. Cut out the dough with a simple traditional cookie cutter, zig zag some icing using a plastic bag with the tip cut off and let your kid press the cookie in a bowl of rainbow sprinkles. Let set until firm, about 20 mins and stick them in individual favor bags.  Voila!

It really takes only a few moments, but your child will remember that you made cookies for their birthday to bring to school and they got to help. It makes it even more special.

*Don't forget to leave the extra for the teacher, everybody loves cookies!