Once again, I daydream of living in southern California.  The sun, the surf, the killer prop rentals. Case and point: CASA DE PERRIN, a boutique prop rental company, specializing in tabletop decor,  based in sunny So. Cal. The site is divine and showcases the mountains of hand picked goods this husband (architectural photographer) and wife (food stylist) team have collected. Simply. Stunning.Go see here NOW.

I can't help but daydream of styling DIYs with access to such amazingness.  The level of heavenly would go up ten thousand times and (BONUS) I don't have to store them in my house!! I'm sending  HEY LOOK big hugs and kisses for finding these lovelies HERE and sharing! LOVE!

JOSH PERRIN PHOTOGRAPHY (this is Mr. Perrin and photographer of above images)