It's coming up fast, WORLD PARTY DAY is April 3rd. When Rebecca of BIG THINGS and KITIYA PALASKAS asked me to do a DIY to add to the merriment and get ready to celebrate, of course I said OH YEAH! A whole day for parties? Yes, yes, yes. Well today is my day to share so here is an easy way to dress up your straws, with fringe. Who couldn't use a little more fringe in their lives?

Have you ever made a party straw? Yep, me neither.  I also happen to still love tissue fringe and might have to put it on everything.  I was sitting at my last party, thinking those paper straws are so cute, but oh so plain.  What better way to celebrate World Party Day than with a party in our bev? Am I right? Let’s get started.

You will need: tissue paper, paper straws, double stick tape and scissors. Don’t forget a beverage to test it out!

Take your tissue paper, I used small sheets about 15” x 20”, and cut them into strips about 2” wide. Fold each strip in half and cut fringe on one side, about ¾ of the way up.  Be careful not to cut all the way through the strip or you will have confetti instead!

Wrap a strip of double stick tape around the straw about 1/3 of the way from the top. Attach the folded end of the tissue fringe, uncut section of the top and wrap around the straw. 

Secure end with a small piece of tape and fluff.

Make one or many and party on!

Be sure to check back each day until WORLD PARTY DAY for awesome DIYs! Gotta love a good party!